Accounting / Financial Statements

Financial statements are a necessity. At Schoenholz & Associates, we understand that your financial statements are an important management tool. Selection of appropriate accounting methods and proper presentation have a bearing on your ability to properly present your financial position. Your financial statements provide invaluable information for planning cash flow or identifying problem areas; lines of credit or other financing; and obtaining surety bonding for construction projects; or critical valuations for tax issues such as estate planning. Whatever your needs, we provide a range of accounting services, including reviewed and compiled financial statements.

Tax Planning & Minimization

When reviewing prior tax returns for new clients, we often find they paid too much. Many times, we can amend prior returns and obtain refunds!  
We are proactive when it comes to changes in tax laws, and believe communication is a must. We keep our clients informed of the issues and related options so they can make sound decisions.


As part of your financial team, our role is to go beyond basic tax and accounting services and become an integral member of your advisory team. We contribute to your success by identifying and implementing strategies that results in long-term prosperity for you and your company. Whether it's building banking relationships, developing a business and financial plan, or the recommendation and implementation of a computerized accounting system, we're always part of your team, working towards your success.

Estate Planning

Proper planning of your estate could mean the difference between your business and personal assets passing to your chosen successor or a forced government sale. Our estate planning combines your personal and business finances into a carefully constructed program that ensures your wealth is inherited by your family, not the government.


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